GIOVI is an interactive reinterpretation of Achille Castiglioni’s classic design lamp. Through expand/squeeze and rotating gestures, the lamp is given physical means of controlling the light.

In collaboration with Jessica Bala & Juan Pablo Giraldo

Project Directors: Massimo Banzi & Innocenzo Rifino


“We all could use a little sun indoors.” A. Castiglione

For our project, we were given the Giovi Lamp, Achille Castiglioni’s classical design lamp for FLOS, to re-design in an interactive way. The original lamp, designed in 1982, was an ambient light giving out a radiating striped pattern, resembling the sun. Along with its physical shape, this specific characteristic of its light were the essential features of the lamp. Therefore, we decided to take these as our base values and build upon these characteristics.


Conceptually, the Giovi lamp operates as a simple lamp whose brightness and color can be changed with hand gestures.  For changing the brightness, the user has to squeeze or expand the light. So, as the person moves his both hands closer to or further from the lamp, the brightness of the lamp is decreased or increased. This way, the control gives you the feeling of physically controlling the light. The user can change the light color while turning a hand in a circle around the lamp. This is natural in the sense of turning a color wheel.

Design Process


Rotation of the hands around the lamp imitates the movement of a color wheel, creating a change in the color of the lamp. The adjustment of the brightness is provided by movement of the hands closer to or further away from the lamp. This gesture gives a feeling of physical expansion or compression of the light radiating out from the lamp.

Technical Details

The most prominent touch on the lamp is the inclusion of color and brightness control through gestures. Six proximity sensors, connected to Arduino, were integrated to understand hand movements around the lamp, while a high power RGB LED provided the light.

I was responsible for programming parts on Arduino and choosing the electronic components most suitable for the project. The programming part included evaluating and filtering the sensor values, creating gesture level algorithms to understand the hand movements around the lamp, and modification/interpolation of color values to be displayed through the LED. You can see the source code here:

Project Photos